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Photography, and teaching it, is my passion. I love to share my experience. To empower you to enjoy photography more.

To enjoy photography more means you have to be taking better photos than your were previously. My workshops exist to teach you how to make this happen.

I have had over 30 years professional photography experience. Starting out in newspapers and covering all manner of subjects and styles throughout my career. I love people and travel photography.

Photo Workshops Online is designed for people who not only want extend their camera skills but also those who wish to further explore creatively with photography. I have put each course together based on my experience both learning and teaching photography.

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I also run Chiang Mai Photo Workshops in northern Thailand where I’ve lived since 2002. Hands on teaching experience over the years has given me insight into what many people struggle with, both as beginner and intermediate level photographers.

“This is undoubtedly one of the best photography courses I’ve taken. Kevin covered all the important issues concerning manual photography and the importance to knowing how your camera operates. His lectures have included excellent video examples of creating outstanding photographs. I have certificates in Photoshop and Illustrator and I have just bought a fantastic Canon camera and I am very excited about using what I have learned in this course.”

Dick Ryerson

I started out working on the photo desk in a daily newspaper. I was excited for the opportunity to work with and learn from ten professional photojournalists. Sadly, it was harder than I thought. They were all very competitive and secretive about how they made their photographs.

Eventually I gained the confidence of a few senior photographers as they realized I was seriously passionate. They began to teach me some.

As I progressed through the ranks and became a photojournalist myself, this then became my photography school. Learning by experience. Being required to come back from every assignment with at least publishable photograph was superb motivation.

This early frustration to find willing teachers has always inspired me to share what I know.

We run three other connected websites.

Suan Sook Homestay has all the information about our bed and breakfast and the photography workshops we run based there.

Chiang Mai Photo Workshops is all about our one-day workshops based in and around Chiang Mai. has my Blog, information about my photographer mentoring, along with my recommended resources page.

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