How To Make Photos That Are Not Like Everyone Else’s

Manual mode on a camera is really not that difficult. Sure, it takes some commitment to learn how to use it at first, but once you can manage your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and know how to read the light, you will be free to be so much more creative with your camera. Your photography will be different than most people’s because most people let the camera control the exposure, which tends to make more boring photos that look much the same as everyone else’s.

Taking creative control of your camera by switching it to manual mode, and learning to use manual mode well, will enable you to make photos that stand out from the crowd and be more distinctive wherever you share them on social media.

It is so easy these days to set your camera manually, just looking at your camera’s monitor. You can see what’s happening as you change your shutter and aperture settings so you can clearly see what parts of your photograph will be exposed well. If your camera does not have this feature then you need to learn to read the graphic display of the exposure meter. It take some time and commitment, but so does learning any creative art form.

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