Seeing the Light

Learning to see and recognize different lighting conditions will help you develop your photography more creatively. Taking control of your exposure using manual mode will enable you to make photographs that you would be much more difficult on any of your camera’s auto or scene modes.


Get Your Photos Looking Fantastic!

Learning to use your exposure meter and/or your camera’s monitor to allow you to manually expose your photographs will free you up to become more creative with your camera.

Do It The Easy Way!

Learb how not to be distracted from the real art of photography.

Light Is The Essence Of Photography

Lighting really is the essence of photography. The more you can get a feel for it the more outstanding your photos will be.

How To Make Your Photos Really POP By Focusing On One Main Subject

Learning to have your main subject really stand out in your photos will have your friends clicking ‘Like’ a lot more when you share them.

How To Build A Really Boring Portfolio

Here’s some tips that will help you improve how you shoot your photos so that your friends will love them when you share them.

Composition, Scales and Learning To Walk

Learning the rules of composition can help or hinder your creative photography. In this video I talk about why this is.

5 Keys To Taking Great Photos

There are certain elements that make a great photo, let take a look at what these are …

How To See Like Your Camera and Start Seeing Like a Professional Photographer

The way we see and the way our cameras record photos is kinda similar in many ways, but in other ways it is not. In this video I will tell you some of the differences and how you can learn to be more creative with your camera if you are aware of these differences.

How To Overcome Your Biggest Creative Block

Let me encourage you how easy it is to overcome your biggest photography creative block …