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Packed with examples and demonstrations clearly explaining the techniques and methods being taught.

  • Master Your Camera - Master Your Creativity

    Master Your Camera - Master Your Creativity

    You will learn to use your camera creatively in manual mode. Quickly get beyond the restrictions of using Auto and unlock your photographic innovation. Taking this course will help elevate your photography to a higher level of success.

  • Adobe Lightroom Digital Work-flow

    Adobe Lightroom Digital Work-flow

    Struggle to choose your best photos? This course will teach you to easily pick your best photos. You will learn a work-flow designed to ease the pain and anxiety associated with choosing your best photos and discarding the ones you'll never share.

  • Freelance Successfully

    Freelance Successfully

    Learn how to make money from your photography. Kevin shares important advice and tips from his many years of experience as a successful freelance photographer. You will gain insights and understanding into aspects of the industry you may not have even considered important.

Take Your Photography To The Next Level

Learn to get the most from your camera. Are you frustrated because you know you are not getting the photographs you really want to take? It’s not your camera that’s at fault, it’s just you haven’t learned yet how to make the most of it.

Modern cameras, and even our smart phones, are packed with incredible technology and have fabulous lenses that make capturing creative photos more possible than ever. Understanding the basic principle of photography and learning solid tips, tricks and techniques from a seasoned professional will boost your photography skills to new levels.

Instead of investing in a new camera, invest in our online courses today and start learning to take fantastic photos with the camera you already own!

Photo Workshops Online is the best place for you to learn photography online from a professional with decades of experience.

Kevin Landwer-Johan is a highly experienced editorial and commercial professional photographer and photography teacher with a passion for capturing ‘real life’ in his images. Originally from New Zealand he has chosen to make Chiang Mai, Thailand,  his home since 2002. Kevin started his professional photography career in the late 1980′s working on one of New Zealand’s leading daily papers. Read More Here

Kevin doesn’t only teach photography online. He and his wife Pansa enjoy teaching photography workshops in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they educate people how to get the most from their cameras and enabling them to produce their best travel photography.

If you have a wonderful dslr or mirrorless camera, a small point and shoot or just prefer to use your phone, you can begin your photography learning experience right here.

We are frequently updating our existing courses ensuring our students are receiving the best value for money and we are adding completely new courses from time to time.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our courses.

  • Very precise and good starting for beginners. Useful ballpark settings gives a starting orientation to beginners. I knew camera optics as engineer. But putting them together in real life to get good photos was made possible by this course.
  • Kevin is a great photographer, but that's not the point. More importantly is the fact he's an incredible teacher, both in person and with the Udemy online lessons. I'm a terrible student, so knowing that I can go back, over and over to pick up something I might have missed the first time is incredibly valuable. Prior to beginning the course, he outlines quite clearly, the 5 or 6 topics we are going to learn. He has under promised and over delivered as the lessons taught are legion. There is much more to be learned than merely a handful of things, each segment teaches something new, and for me, it's truly eye opening to learn the different ways to view and photograph different subjects. This class is one which I shared with my 80 year old mother... she'd always wanted to learn how to shoot on manual, now she does! (Mom says, "Hi Kevin!) Guys, I got my moneys worth with this lesson and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their photography skills to take this course. It's worth much more than I paid for it. Happy shooting!
  • This is undoubtedly one of the best photography courses I've taken. Kevin covered all the important issues concerning manual photography and the importance to knowing how your camera operates. His lectures have included excellent video examples of creating outstanding photographs. I have certificates in Photoshop and Illustrator and I have just bought a fantastic Canon camera and I am very excited about using what I have learned in this course.
  • I loved the course. The lectures were done in such a manner that it was very easy for me to understand. And I especially liked the printable pdf's with practice homework. I learned a lot. Thank you for putting together such a fine course!
  • Kevin covers the photography fundamentals in this course. It's a great way for folks to learn how to expand their creativity beyond what can be achieved with the automatic setting of their camera. For each lesson, an exercise sheet is provided so the student can practice the material presented in the course. Kevin is a good communicator and makes the material simple to understand. Nice course.
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Three Reasons You Should Learn More About Photography

(even if you the only camera you have is on your phone.) Not many people in this world work as full time professional photographers. More people than ever are taking photos these days. No matter how much they enjoy taking pictures, either with a camera that can make a phone call or with cameras that […]

How To Make The Most Of Bright Light In The Middle Of The Day

Mid Day Madness Many photographers avoid going out to make photographs in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky, the light is harsh and the shadows are strong. It certainly can be more challenging to make good pictures in these conditions, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes we have limitations […]

Kayan long neck women

Learn How To Create Effective Photo Essays … and Read The Ongoing Story Of Our Long Neck Friends

It was a special experience to arrive at Baan Thong Luang and see Malu having her neck rings put back on. So when we arrived again a few weeks later taking another workshop there we were amazed to see Malu’s mother having her rings wound around her neck. Masu had just returned the evening before […]

Young Kayan girl with neck rings

Return of the Rings

Please read our previous blog post, Meeting Malu, before you read this one as it is the beginning of the story. School holidays had already begun and we waited a few weeks before heading up to Baan Thong Luang village. We had a busy week ahead of us booked, including a Mae Sa workshop, so […]

Kayan girl with a tooth missing

Meeting Malu – Learning to Relate to Your Subjects

Malu was by her mother’s side the first time we met her. We often saw her there. Malu lives with her parents and her little sister in Baan Thong Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her older brother attends a school in Mae Hong Song, up in the north near the Myanmar border. During our first […]

Buddhist monk in a tricycle taxi in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Film – A Different Photography Experience

I put a few rolls of film though a camera recently and it was like meeting an old friend again who I had not seen for a long long time! In 2006 I bought my first serious DSLR and had not shot a single roll of film since then. A year or so back I […]

Online Photography Course

I am loving teaching what I love to do! I’ve also become a better photographer myself since I started teaching. Earning a living doing something I love and am passionate about is something I value greatly because it is rare! This past year, as we are growing our Chiang Mai Photo Workshops business I have […]